With Google Translate we are always iterating, adding new features and improving translation quality. Today we would like to highlight a few of the features we’ve added recently.

In November 2009 we launched a “text-to-speech” feature which allowed users to hear words and sentences in English read out loud by Google Translate. Since then we’ve added Haitian Creole and in March added French, Italian, and German to the list of supported languages. To hear any of languages out loud, just click the icon next to the translation when you visit translate.google.com.

In addition, we have recently doubled the number of languages that support transliterated input. Last year we announced that you could type transliterated Arabic, Hindi, and Persian. We have now extended that functionality to Greek, Russian and Serbian. With all of these languages you can type transliterated words in roman script and have the script converted automatically. Go ahead and check it out!

While we are on the topic of transliteration, the labs product Google Transliteration has recently added Hebrew, Oriya and Sinhalese to its supported languages. We expect to have Hebrew transliteration working in Google Translate soon as well.

Added on 4/14/10: Hindi and Spanish "text-to-speech" are now live on Google Translate as well.

Posted by Jeff Chin, Product Manager