Did you know that more than 5000 new words are created each year? At Google we’re always curious about new words from around the world, from all languages, and we think one of the best ways to understand and make sense of new words is by observing them in their natural habitat. Our latest feature does just that by providing you with example sentences taken from fresh new stories around the web.

To try out the feature, simply type a few words in the left-hand text box of Google Translate, and then click on the example sentence icon:

Along with alternate translations (a feature that lets you click on a word to see different translations), and our dictionary results (literal translations extracted from our dictionaries), we hope that being able to look at example sentences will make machine translation more useful for you -- and a little more educational. Stay tuned as we continue to improve and enrich our corpus of example sentences.

Posted by Etienne Deguine, Associate Product Manager, Google Translate